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We turn outstanding STEM graduates into exceptional IT professionals

Dorset Software has over 30 years’ experience of recruiting graduates from the UK’s top universities, providing an ideal entry point to the dynamic world of software development.

IT experience is an advantage but not a prerequisite. During the last year, only 4% of incoming graduates studied computer science; the rest arrived with an analytical mind, a love of technology, boundless enthusiasm, plus a desire to learn and earn.

Our comprehensive training programme provides all knowledge necessary to thrive in a commercial software environment, and concludes with our graduates gaining a government recognised qualification in Software Development, equivalent to a Foundation Degree. Working with a range of major clients along the way allows our consultants to gain significant real-world experience.

With a competitive starting salary, endless job variety and bags of benefits, Dorset Software is a fantastic place to start your career.

What we do

Dorset Software provides systems development capabilities to deliver industry leading technology. Our services are used to deliver software development programmes, maintain and support existing technology and develop new systems.

We are a growing, dynamic company with over 30 years’ experience in the creation of software development solutions, across a wide selection of public and private sector organisations.