White Knight Traders

White Knight Traders utilises proprietary strategies and platforms to generate wealth within complex financial markets. Its staff develops and maintains automated trading platforms.

It required the provision of first, second and third line infrastructure support, servicing all non-proprietary software and hardware systems. In addition, the formulation of a robust backup strategy, ensuring the continuity of all business-critical operations.

Due to the business-critical nature of its proprietary trading suite software, White Knight Traders recognised a need for its associated infrastructure to benefit from robust maintenance. Prior to the organisation’s search for professional services, these support needs were catered for by a permanent full-time employee.

Founder Bruno Serfaty explains: “There was quite a lot of scope for that person to do other activities, particularly getting involved more heavily in either the code development side of the software or the trading side. It was hard to make that individual evolve, and so it wasn’t a full-time job.”

Dorset Software provided White Knight Traders with first, second and third line IT infrastructure support services, simultaneously formulating an enhanced backup regimen tailored to the organisation’s specific data security needs. An array of pressing issues were addressed as a matter of priority prior to the commencement of White Knight Traders’ support contract, including IT policy, server data maintenance and mailbox configuration.

Support work focused upon server management, network security and backup scheduling, though was often more varied, encompassing user account administration, database maintenance and licensing compliance consultancy – among many other essential aspects of systems care.

White Knight Traders realised an array of benefits thanks to its partnership with Dorset Software, perhaps most significant among these was the increase in financial efficiency made possible by utilising pooled support expertise. Serfaty highlights this.

“Because we’re a startup, our needs are not huge - but they are there. We were trying to find the right balance, putting support in place without having the large cost associated with that support.”

System stability and uptime were both heavily boosted, providing peace of mind that business operations could continue, even under the most trying of circumstances.


Technology Snapshot

Dorset Software provides first, second and third line infrastructure support, servicing all non-proprietary software and hardware systems.


“Dorset Software spent a lot of time looking at our requirements, and was flexible enough to see the way we wanted to go.”

Bruno Serfaty, Founder, WK Traders Llp