NHS Resolution

Established in 1995, the National Health Service Resolution (NHS Resolution) is responsible for handling negligence claims made against NHS bodies in England. The NHS Resolution indemnifies NHS Trusts against all negligence claims.

The Board of Directors of the NHS Resolution realised that to be able to continue offering a high level of service to hospital Trusts, the general public, solicitors, expert witnesses and other external agencies, it needed to replace its ageing claims management system.

Following a period of rapid expansion in the size and scope of the responsibilities of the NHS Resolution, its Board of Directors realised that to be able to continue offering a high level of service to all stakeholders, it needed to replace its ageing claims management system.

The current system was reaching its capacity in terms of concurrent users; performance was deteriorating and the risk of a system failure was increasing.

Additionally, the NHS Resolution wanted to ensure compatibility with its financial software; to enhance communications with external agencies and to improve its internal business processes.

Based on its suggested solution, which very closely matched the NHS Resolution's requirements, its price, its capabilities and its expertise, Dorset Software was awarded the contract to develop a Claims Management Solution, an intranet, an extranet, a public website and 3 years’ operational support, worth approximately £1.4 million.

Dorset Software worked closely with the NHS Resolution to undertake the complete analysis and re-design of the Authority’s business processes.

These processes were incorporated into the workflow of the Claims Management System, which now manages the litigation procedure for all of the outstanding claims against NHS bodies.

The flexible and scalable solution delivered by Dorset Software offers extensive capacity, superior performance and was developed using leading development technologies. The NHS Resolution believes that the solution has absolutely met its expectations and has found that other, unexpected benefits have been delivered as by-products of the deployment of the new solution.

Extensive management tools for reporting and analysis are offering improved visibility over the organisation, the staff and their activities. Transparency of business processes and protocols allow for continuing improvements. Finally, a flexible working environment allows employees to access the systems from anywhere, even home.


Technology Snapshot

Developed using Microsoft Technologies the solution consists of an intranet and an integrated web-based Claims Management System. Visual Studio.NET, C# and ASP.NET were used for the user interface; SQL Server and EMC Content Addressable Storage for data storage. Microsoft Content Management Server was used to develop and manage the public website.


“The solution was delivered on time, to budget, met our expectations and has delivered benefits that we didn’t even realise we needed.”

Tom Fothergill, Director of Finance, NHS Resolution