Western Riverside Waste Authority

Managing around 500,000 tonnes of Waste per year, Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA) is the statutory body responsible for the disposal of waste across four London boroughs.

To hit e-Gov and recycling targets it needed to publish targets and how well it is performing against those targets. The information, therefore, needed to be consolidated and published on a website and made available to the public.

In response to e-Government initiatives relating to recycling, Western Riverside needed a system that would collate information on the type and amount of waste and recyclable rubbish that is discarded by the residents of four London boroughs.

The information needed to be centrally collected and maintained, communicated efficiently to the individual boroughs and consolidated on a website to be made available to the general public.

Previously, information was collected via a computerised weighbridge system and emailed to the constituent councils on a daily or weekly basis. Problems occurred with accuracy and the communication of corrections.

Dorset Software’s proposal to deliver a bespoke software solution was selected. Working closely with the Riverside Authority and the four London Boroughs to co-ordinate and combine their requirements, Dorset Software developed a Waste Management Suite, which comprises three main parts.

These included the Waste Management System, which includes detailed analysis of recycling, third party and weighbridge collection data; the Abandoned Vehicle database, which stores data and allows reporting and tracking on vehicles abandoned in the boroughs and a public website to provide access to waste and recycling information for the general public.

The solution allows WRWA and the four London Boroughs to combine all aspects of waste management into one central secure system offering more comprehensive reporting and decreasing maintenance costs.

Intuitive and easy to use, the Waste Management Suite facilitates the completion of Defra returns and ensures the transparency of target versus actual performance.

The solution from Dorset Software is helping to satisfy e-Gov regulations and enabling WRWA to offer a better public facing service at a reduced cost. “The software has worked flawlessly from day one,” Mark Broxup - Deputy General Manager at WRWA - confirms.


Technology Snapshot

The solution was built using Microsoft .NET technologies and is powered by a Microsoft SQL Server database. Historical data was migrated using a CSV file import.


“Dorset Software has developed a flexible and scalable solution that is capable of meeting our needs now and in the future.”

Jason Tomlins, Performance and Recycling Officer, Western Riverside Waste Authority