TRACE Update

Dorset Software’s time management system TRACE is undergoing some exciting new developments. Get access to even faster and easier support with our new support process and FAQ hub.

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Want a sneak preview of the updates? Watch the video below to find out what it looks like.


  • Screen recording of someone:
    • logging into TRACE and navigating to FAQ screen
    • looking through FAQs
    • submitting a support request
    • receiving an email from their TRACE product manager
    • Plus resolution
  • Written explanation of what’s been covered in video for those who don’t want to watch video.


What’s new?

To help you get quick answers to your queries, we're introducing a new Support portal. You'll find this within TRACE itself. It's exclusively available to named users and gives you immediate access to FAQs.

Updated regularly, the FAQs are the first place to look for answers to all your TRACE queries. If you can’t find the answer there, you can submit a support request in the same area. Your case passes to your dedicated TRACE Product Manager, who'll then help to answer your query.

Check out the new features from date, when the next release goes live.